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define art gallery and studio

Call for Artists Opens 6/10/23!



Define Art Gallery and Studio owner, Deena King, is a nationally exhibiting professional expressionist artist. She studies the world around her, scribbles design concepts into her well protected artist sketchbook and when it comes time to bring these thoughts into reality; it is an explosion of conceptual fragmentation, research, and emotional movement embodied into the final product. The idea of the concept apparent, yet hidden, but all together real. Bringing the internal world of the artist into visual stunning reality. 

“Abstract is defined as “something” existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. As an artist my goal is to create the idea into existence with a expressionist image. The most rewarding aspect to creating art, is when another person connects with my artwork. When they can be emotionally pulled into the concept and image. When they share a personal story, idea or experience that was felt when viewing my artwork. That is the greatest feeling of accomplishment.” -Deena King, expressionist artist

The studio is open to the public for viewing the artist process and meaningful discourse on techniques.


The gallery currently exhibits contemporary art with rotating themed exhibits. A collective of merchandise created by local artists are also on display and for purchase.


"Our gallery represents a bold style with powerful saturated passionate colors, unambiguous shapes and patterns that consume the canvas, each aspect creates recognizable depth; the result exciting, energizing, and expressive." - Deena King, Owner and curator 

Stop in and define your art world!

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2170 Main St. Suite 101

Sarasota, FL 34237


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